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Same Tractors & Spare Parts

Being a true 4 wheel drive tractor, SAME has been very popular in Australia and around the world since the late 1960’s.  The SAME’s have been well utilised in the Vineyard and Orchard farms particularly, these tractors are made in Northern Italy and continue to be made there to this day.


What SAME products we stock

Parts we supply include:

  • Parts we supply range from:
  • Glass Doors
  • windows
  • rubber
  • tyres
  • rims & centres
  • panels
  • clutches
  • filters
  • all engine componentry
  • all transmission componentry

anything the tractor needs replacing, we stock it!



How we can help you with SAME products & tractors

We supply new parts for all models of SAME and our wrecking division has grown immensely in the last few years so we have been able to supply our customers with quite often the option of new or used.  We also supply these parts for the Lamborghini tractors, as these come out of the same factory as the SAME’s.

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