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With over three decades of dedicated experience specialising in SAME products, our team has developed an unparalleled understanding and appreciation for the quality and reliability that the SAME tractor embodies. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of these machines and their components, enabling us to provide unparalleled service and support to our customers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our vast inventory of new parts, made to meet the diverse needs of SAME tractor owners. Additionally, recognising the value and cost-effectiveness of used parts, we offer comprehensive assistance in sourcing high-quality, reliable pre-owned components, ensuring that our clients have access to a full range of solutions to keep their tractors running smoothly.

SAME parts we supply

Full List: Cab Glass, Bodywork, Air Conditioning Parts. Axle Shafts, ECU’s, Engine Parts, Hydraulic, Linkage Parts, Pumps, Radiators, Clutches, Sensors, Starter Motors, Steering Parts, Transmission Gears, Tyres & Rims, Electrical

Cabin Glass

Tractor Clutch


Tractor Filters


Tractor Starter Motor

Starter Motors

Engine Parts

Linkage Componentry

Tractor Tyres & Rims

Tyres, Rims & Centres

Transmission, Rear Ends, & Front Hubs

Transmission, Rear Ends, & Front Hubs

+ So Much More!

New SAME Parts

We know parts, we have over 30 years of experience selling tractors and tractor parts, this includes experience of solving an owners issue over the phone, something may just need tweaking. We have fielded calls 7 days a week, late at night and early in the morning, we know farmers particularly don’t work to a 9-5 regime. For this reason we have tried to assist owners of all manners of tractor brands, if we don’t know we have certainly tried to find out for them.  We have 1000’s of parts available and have access to businesses who can assist us in supplying parts for our customers needs.

Used SAME Parts

Our Used parts division is getting busier each year, particularly as new parts are getting more expensive or just no longer available for the older type tractors. We have been accumulating second hand tractors and keeping them for used parts, nothing is thrown away here, you never know what a customer could be looking for!

Our Promise

Why Aussie Ag Supplies?

No Risk Guarantee

We guarantee the correct parts or your money will be refunded. Our team will suggest the appropriate part numbers for your tractor.

Flexible Return Policy

We want to give you peace of mind. We acknowledge that sometimes you may order an item that you ultimately don’t require.

Guaranteed Response

When we field a parts enquiry, we will get back to you when we say we will, we will always do our best to reply whether we can get your parts or not.


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SAME Tractor Wreckers

Experienced Tractor Wreckers

7+ years ago we started wrecking tractors to offer another service to our Australian clientele. Over the years this has grown and still growing, we have people ringing looking for a used part or offering to sell us their old tractor for wrecking, everything is recycled in some way. We have assisted customers from areas all over Australia, we are always available to help.