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Deutz Tractors & Spare Parts

Deutz has been in Australia since the 1960’s. This tractor is powered by an air cooled motor.  Deutz later produced a water cooled engine in the mid 1990’s. It then became part of the SAME Lamborghini family, and today are a popular tractor for all farming needs.


What Deutz products we stock

Parts we supply include:

  • Glass doors
  • Windows
  • Starter motors
  • Push on rubber
  • Panels
  • Clutches
  • Filters
  • Cabin parts
  • Sensors
  • All engine parts
  • All transmission parts


Anything your tractor needs, we can supply it!



How we can help you with Deutz products & tractors

Aussie Ag Supplies can assist you with parts for all models of Deutz tractors that are on the market today. If you have an issue with your tractor we can assist with supplying the parts required, along with our expertise in Deutz tractors.

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